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This is a generic form example, it can be easily edited from the backend with drag and drop design using WPForms.   This theme comes with WPForms Lite.

When this form gets submitted, a few things happen. 

  1. The form sends the email address and name to Constant Contact, to be put on a list. 
  2. Stores the form data in your database for you to review later.
  3. Sends you (the admin) a notification email. 

Constant Contact can then be set to send any number of emails (welcome, more info, upcoming groups, etc) automatically after being added.  You can space the emails out over time, or blast them all at once (not recommended). 

You can also use zapier to do about a million other things, such as add the email and name to a google doc, streaks gmail plugin, etc.  Automation is key to a successful business.  This would be a zap from Constant Contact to whatever you need.

This form is functional, if you submit it, just one email will be sent from Constant Contact for demo purposes.